The Next Hype is a three-person team that includes studio founder and director Aaron Morley, CTO Andrew Jarman and video producer Geddie I. Morley sees a future for the company that creates games inspired by TikTok, GIF or ASMR videos.

Morley prefers to work quickly and experiment. The founder of The Next Hype previously worked at FGOL, and the experience that helps today comes from there, but Morley isn’t enamoured with the culture of big companies.

Teamwork yielded results even with a small team. It taught mobility, planning, and understanding of how much more could be achieved with a small but effective team.

Aaron Morley, founder and director of The Next Hype

Today, The Next Hype has complete control of its projects and has signed an individual publishing agreement to connect games to UA and Voodoo’s marketing seamlessly.

For hyper-casual games, style is a crucial element. In today’s volatile mobile gaming environment, releasing weird, pop-culture-based products is preferable to the more static options on the market.

I want an adventurous company. If it seems like the studio is doing something formulaic, the board will have a complicated conversation with the employees where they discuss the company’s prospects. It’s about getting users’ attention instantly, in one, two or four seconds.

Aaron Morley, founder and director of The Next Hype

Morley intends to release the first game with Voodoo before Christmas, and the team has already developed prototypes for testing.

The company will release a hit hyper-casual game in the next six to nine months. In the long term, the studio will create games that it plans to recoup from in-game purchases.

Aaron Morley, founder and director of The Next Hype

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