Appodeal updates the Mobile eCPM Report every quarter, where the company analyzes the eCPM of millions of ad impressions worldwide. Check out the key insights, or analyze the data by yourself to find new growth opportunities for your Mobile Apps & Games!

The Mobile eCPM Report represents the average eCPMs from billions of ad impressions served during the analyzed period for each country around the world where we have significant impressions data. It focuses primarily on our top 3 ad formats (rewarded videos, full-screen ads, and banner ads), broken down by iOS and Android.  

Rewarded Video Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: The USA keeps losing positions in the top charts. In the second quarter of 2022, it was placed 3rd, right below Japan & Australia. It is also surprising to see how emerging countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, UAE & Kuwait are booming in this specific segment.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: While the USA & Australia are in the top positions, they are closely followed by east Asian countries. European countries such as the UK, Sweden, Germany & France have lost positions in the top ranks, as well as their eCPM has fallen.

Appodeal Growth Platform, among other services, helps mobile app publishers and developers monetize their apps by making over 70 ad demand sources compete for each ad impression.

For a deeper report, check out the annual Mobile eCPM Performance Index Report by Appodeal. A +50 page-long document where we dive deep into the industry data. There you will find a detailed analysis, split for each top-grossing Markets, along with rankings for Ad Networks, Ad Types & much more.

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