Venturebeat reports that The Mirror, a universal gaming platform for indie game developers, has raised $2.3 million in seed funding. Founders Fund led the round. Also participating were Konvoy Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Florida Funders and Palm Tree Crew.

Side note: Roboto Games has raised $15 million.

The Mirror aims to simplify the game development process for indie studios and independent creators. The platform is designed for developers of all skill levels — from «no code» to advanced. It features easy-to-use tools to solve everyday problems. Some ready-to-use features include multi-user networking, real-time collaboration, physical sandboxing, and user-generated content support.

To further support the transition to the Web3 marketplace, The Mirror will allow creators to monetize their work. Selling 3D models, textures, scripts and more will earn creators a percentage of sales, though the company is still refining its pricing model.

We are passionate about empowering creators and firmly believe in fair compensation for hard work and dedication to game development.

Jared McCluskey, Founder, CEO and CTO of The Mirror

Open-source software is central to the company’s mission and commitment to product compatibility. In addition to regular updates on Github, the platform is built around the Godot open-source game engine.

When we heard an offer from The Mirror to build a virtual world platform based on Godot, we were excited to invest in the company to see the studio realize a multi-billion dollar opportunity that hundreds of millions of gamers and creators use.

Josh Chapman, managing partner of Konvoy Ventures

The team has grown to 15 people in six months and has completed closed alpha and beta testing. The company plans to expand the engineering team and increase brand awareness in the gaming industry through pre-funding.