Investors in Polish studio Starward Industries have been disappointed by the reviews of the gaming press for The Invincible, a sci-fi thriller based on Stanisław Lem’s novel The Invincible. On Nov. 3, the developer’s stock traded as cheaply as ever. No, it’s not a game about Omni-man and his son.

The Invincible’s rating on Metacritic is now 71 out of 100 on PlayStation 5 and 69 out of 100 on PC.

As Bankier noted, on Friday morning, Starward Industries shares could be bought at 38.5 zlotys ($9.27) apiece. That’s 20.4% cheaper than the day before and 70% cheaper than at its peak in July.

The press praises the thriller for its graphics, beautiful world and retrofuturistic atmosphere: the game has very picturesque views, and sometimes you just want to stop to consider the scenery. However, some reviewers called The Invincible a boring walking simulator with a monotonous and drawn-out narrative.

Opinions were divided on whether it was a good adaptation of the book. Some publications thought that Starward Industries managed to convey the spirit of the original well, while others advised to read Lem instead of playing the game.

The Invincible will be released on November 6 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox