The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has published a report on the state of the game industry in the country. The Polish game industry employs more than 15 thousand employees.

  • 15,290 people were employed in the local industry as of 2021 (more than in Germany, but less than in France)
  • The number of Polish gamedev is growing at 16% per year
  • More than 14.5% of Polish industry employees (2,200 people) are foreigners
  • 494 game developers and publishers are based in Poland, 78% of which have less than 25 employees (however, there are also 16 large companies with a team of 200 people)
  • The majority of game companies in Poland (68.4%) develop games for PC. The vast majority of them (69%) are engaged in the creation of premium titles
  • The total global revenue of all Polish studios in 2022 amounted to €1.2 billion (CD Project accounted for only one-sixth of this amount)

Read the full report here