Tenjin has unveiled its latest industry report, “From Hyper to Hybrid in 2024“, which provides an in-depth analysis of the evolving trends in the mobile gaming industry. The report primarily focuses on the hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games and the user acquisition trends for both genres/business models.

The shift from hyper to hybrid represents a significant development in the mobile gaming industry, as developers blend the simplicity and accessibility of hyper-casual games, with the more engaging game mechanics typical for casual games. A crucial aspect of this evolution is the monetization strategy. Traditionally, hyper-casual games relied predominantly on in-app advertising (IAA) for revenue. However, the hybrid model is unique in that it integrates in-app purchases (IAP) with IAA—creating a more diverse and potentially lucrative revenue stream.

Here is a sneak-peak of some insights from the report: 

  • Android continues to see a rise in ad spend share, while iOS experiences a record high in average Cost Per Install (CPI)
  • Japan, despite its high CPI, remains a key market for advertisers on iOS
  • The USA maintains its dominance in terms of ad spend share both on Android and iOS
  • Applovin, Mintegral, Google Ads are battling each other for the #1 position in various ad network rankings

The hyper-casual business model continues to exist, but has changed considerably. Currently, in the space, it’s mainly smaller developers who are choosing to self-publish on Android. This trend is evident in our report, which shows lower cost per install (CPI), as well as an increased ad spend share on Android. In contrast, hybrid-casual gaming is the approach now being adopted by the former major players of the hyper-casual market. This move to hybrid-casual reflects not only their adaptation to industry trends, but also their access to greater resources and data.

Roman Garbar, Marketing Director at Tenjin

Download the full report here

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