Chinese conglomerate Tencent has acquired a 20% stake in SHIFT UP. This Korean studio created mobile games Destiny Child and Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and the upcoming PlayStation 5 game Stellar Blade.

The deal was struck even before the hit game’s release in November.

Side note: Goddess of Victory: Nikke reached 100 million in one month

Tencent, Shift Up

The popularity of Goddess of Victory: Nikke is due to the look and theme that attracts a massive number of gamers, and with the help of gacha mechanics, users are kept in the game.

Shift Up has stated the rumored transfer of control of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE to Tencent amid a tumultuous week for the game. The developers told Green Post Korea that Shift Up is still being developed by NIKKE, while Level Infinite, owned by giant Tencent, is in charge of publishing.

Meanwhile, Level Infinite has not issued its statement on the whole story, although it should be noted that they are listed as the publisher on Google Play and the App Store for the game at the time of writing.

Various characters have changed from the closed beta to the full release, most notably the seasonal alt Christmas Rupee. Whereas games such as Genshin Impact were censored after the game’s release, this was not the case with NIKKE – all character design changes were made before their launch.

Between November 4 and December 26, the game was downloaded 5.3 million times. Japan accounted for 21% of the downloads, South Korea for 13%, the United States for 11% and Indonesia for 10%. Total revenue for the game was $145 million.