Supercell has ceased development of yet another game. It announced the closure of Floodrush three months after launching a limited beta test.

Throughout the beta testing stage, we carefully analyzed every feedback message sent to us and identified several issues, either with gameplay mechanics, controls, character dynamics or artistic aspects, among others. We concluded that, to uphold Supercell’s standards of excellence, we needed to make extensive changes to the point that they would transform Floodrush into something too distant from our initial vision. 

According to Supercell, it needed to make major changes to the game in order for it to start meeting the company’s standards. They were so extensive that they turned Floodrush into something too far from the original vision.

Floodrush was the second game that the company announced the closure of in the last 12 months. In October 2022, the Finns decided to cancel city-builder Everdale, which was eventually saved. In January, Metacore Studios bought the rights to Everdale and all its assets, promising to “resurrect” the project.