Sumo Group Holding has announced the acquisition of UK-based mobile studio Midoki. According to the company, the purchase will help it increase its presence in the free-play and game-services market. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

It has been confirmed that Midoki will maintain its independence as an original project developer under the umbrella of Sumo Group. This means that the company will continue to create unique and innovative projects while having the support and resources of a larger organization. Midoki can operate with creative autonomy and maintain its individual identity, while still benefiting from the advantages of being part of a larger gaming entity. This is great news for fans of Midoki’s work, as they can expect the same level of quality and creativity in their upcoming projects.

In 2011, Midoki was established by ex-BigBig Studios executives, Jonathan Webb and Daniel Martinez-Normand, after the closure of the Sony-owned subsidiary. The studio’s prominent titles include the strategy games Plunder Pirates and Knighthood.