reports that Stumble Guys, which Scopely owns, has set a new record with $60 million in total revenue from in-app purchases. The game also reached 265 million downloads.

Stumble Guys has been at the top of the charts in the U.S., U.K. and other European countries, reaching 29.5 million monthly downloads or 650,000 downloads per day.

Most of the downloads came from Android users, who installed the game 215 million times, compared to 51 million on the App Store.

Scopely’s game earned $31.5 million on Google Play versus 31 million on iOS, which shows that downloads don’t strictly correlate with spending.

The Appmagic platform reports that Stumble Guys has earned an average of $8 million monthly over the past six months. That equates to $400,000 in daily revenue from in-app purchases.

Side note: Hair Tattoo: Barbershop Master is in the top 10 most downloaded games of Q3 2022.

Stumble Guys gameplay

Stumble Guys ranks high on the charts, and the most lucrative region for the game is the United States — $17.8 million. The U.K. did not make the top five regions. Brazil ranks second with $7.4 million. Indonesia is third with $5.85 million. Italy and Germany came in fourth and fifth with $4.4 million and $4.1 million, respectively.

The revenue figures from Appmagic do not include app store commissions and are derived from developer fees, which means that total consumer spending is even higher.