Square Enix begins a partnership with Polygon platform to continue its entry into Web3. The joint project, called Symbiogenesis, was announced in November. Sales of the Symbiogensis NFT collection and free browser-based service are scheduled to launch in spring 2023.

A side note: Flexion has partnered with Fingersoft

According to the press release, the project will offer a unique experience built around digital collectible art linked to a storyline that players will unfold in a virtual (turn-based) adventure. The art evolves with every strategic move the player makes.

The project will allow users to collect useful items offline, which they can choose to trade up the chain through Polygon.

Square Enix begins a partnership with Polygon to lead the web3

Square Enix is moving steadily towards Web3. The company doubled down on its push into blockchain gaming this year, promising “aggressive investment and business development efforts” in blockchain-based entertainment.

As part of its 2023 strategy, the gaming company said it has “several blockchain games in development“.

Square Enix begins a partnership