Solsten announced it had raised $21.8 million in its latest funding round, led by Konvoy. The funds will be used to improve the company’s flagship product: an AI platform that offers insight into the psychological profile of audiences.

KonvoyInventureGFR FundWashington HarbourSisu Game VenturesBascom VenturesGalaxy InteractiveDentsu Ventures and Warburg Serres participated in the round.

Consumers will benefit more from Solsten’s ideas, and companies and developers will resonate deeply with audiences. Konvoy is pleased to support the company again and looks forward to seeing how understanding human behaviour will further revolutionize games and other types of consumer technology.

Jackson Vaughan, managing partner at Konvoy

Solsten’s product has three features: Traits, Navigator and Frequency. Traits identify key audience traits through random sampling. Navigator uses information from Traits to help companies identify new audiences and marketing opportunities. Frequency is an intelligent digital asset manager that helps predict how new material will work with target audiences.

Several game companies use these three parts of Solsten’s platform today:  MobilityWareMythical GamesSky MavisSuper Evil MegacorpStarbreezeTilting Point and Wooga.

A deficit in the level of human understanding goes into the products. The lack of knowledge behind human behaviour so carefully tracked in apps has led to many services. But a large number of the innovations are unhealthy and suboptimal for both users and businesses.

That’s why Solsten is developing the technology’s ability to understand human psychology and sociology while maintaining complete anonymity for individual users. The company supports studios that are creating the future of the digital world.

Joe Schaeppi, CEO of Solsten

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