Snowprint Studios, known as the developers of the popular turn-based strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus, has hired Jonathan Winters as its new director of marketing.

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Winters was previously the co-CEO of gaming studio Miniclip, where he also worked as marketing director. During his 8 years with the company, Jonathan has significantly expanded the global audience, reach and success of Miniclip’s projects over the years.

Snowprint are very confident in the continued success of Tacticus and Winters is the man to take the studio forward, as Jonathan’s list of accomplishments and extensive experience marketing many games across multiple platforms make him the ideal person to take Snowprint’s marketing strategy forward.

I am very excited to join company and work with such a talented team. I can’t wait to help grow its gaming presence on a global scale. Tacticus has the potential to become a global phenomenon in the tactical segment and I’m super excited to bring the game to its full potential. Being a fan of turn-based strategy and RPG games, I’m looking forward to this fantastic role

Jonathan Winters, CMO of Snowprint

Winters will start at a studio that has managed to attract 1.5 million players worldwide. There is therefore every reason to believe that the next step for Snowprint is to update their marketing strategies and attract even more players as 2023 progresses.