Skybound Entertainment has invested in the development of the game WrestleQuest, currently being worked on by Mega Cat Studios. No figures have been released at this time by either party, but it is clear that the amount in question is in the millions of dollars.

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It is important to note that according to Skybound, which is a multiplatform entertainment company and mainly deals with TV series and films, the investment in a game company and in the development of a specific project is the first ever. The studio, at the moment, is known for it’s The Walking Dead franchise, which consists of comic books, cross-platform games and a TV series.

The Mega Cat team embodies retro culture, and this is closely tied to our efforts to put fans and creators first. Retro games represent a huge nostalgic element, and having seen the progress and creativity on developing a new game, we are extremely excited to work closely on future studio development.

David Alpert, CEO of Skybound Entertainment

Pennsylvania-based developer Mega Cat Studios has become known for releasing new games on older generations of consoles (meaning 8-bit cartridge consoles) and is currently developing WrestleQuest, a retro-style RPG with real-life wrestlers as the characters. The game is due for release as early as May this year.

This collaboration will also give the developers access to all of Skybound’s resources, which should have a positive impact on both the marketing campaign for the upcoming game and the collaboration with publishers and its successful release.