We recently approached this trend because of the dramatic increase in the number of mobile games it has inspired. When AppMagic’s experts did their research on Skibidi Toilet, they realised that the trend was all over social media with millions of views! So, the basic question is: where and how did it all start?

If we go into a brief history of this unusual trend, the timeline is something like this: Biser King released his song Dom Yes Yes in June 2022, later that year Yasin Cengiz began using it as the main background sound in his TikTok videos. Then, as early as January 2023, youtuber DaFuq!?Boom! first uploaded a video with his head singing this song straight from a toilet bowl, creating the whole thing using Garry’s Mod.

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In fact, thanks to the work of this youtuber, you can clearly trace the emergence of the Skibidist universe. In the lore, a creature that emerges from a toilet bowl comes from a parallel universe to turn humans into his own kind.

Skibidi Toilet

One of the episodes is about the creation of the first “skibidist” of our universe, who somehow got into the netherworld; another episode is about the cameramens, a stronger race with a camera instead of a head, which humans created to defend against the “skibidists”; developing the lore further, the new episodes also introduce the speakermens, also an artificial race that can fight with music (coming from speakers that replace the head).

DaFuq!? Boom! offers us a deeply ironic look at viral content in general, depicting how it is taking over more and more of our personal time and attention.

Skibidi Toilet in games

Let’s move on to more practical things and discuss how this trend has flooded the mobile gaming market. Firstly, we’ll look at all the game releases since the beginning of this year that have “Skibidi toilet” in their titles or descriptions.

There are 380 games in total, including 204 action games and 176 others, including fake calls, wallpapers, mods, colouring books, images, tips, fan art, memes and pranks. The peak is at the end of May and the beginning of June.

To give you a better idea of what’s happening with games in this segment of the market, AppMagic has put together a list with the top 10 games by downloads.

The main game worth checking out is, of course, Hunt Skibidi Toilet by Nicole Breyman, which has already racked up 916,000 downloads since its January release. The game is a hypercasual first-person shooter in which you, as the protagonist, must shoot a set number of skibidi approaching you at a gradually increasing rate. When you successfully complete a level, you earn money, which you can spend on new weapons.

At the moment it’s sad that most of the top 10 games in this trend only use Skibidi’s toilet as a monster for their games, ignoring all the other elements of the universe. What about the hidden meaning?

As a result, we can see that the viral YouTube has once again infected the hyper-casual gaming space with its trends. Can we expect a second wave of new games? We will see in the near future. In the meantime, remember the most important thing: watch out for skibidists and toilets!