Sensor Tower’s most recent report on the Mobile Simulation Games Market Insights highlights the growth of newer simulation games. Games such as Burger Please! by Korean publisher Supercent and Frozen City by Century Games have been identified as contributing to this growth. Besides these simulation games, ultra-casual arena and adventure games have also performed well. These games generated $2.3 billion from January to July 2023.

Simulation games have made $2.7 billion in revenue from January to July of this year, which is a 72% increase from 2019 and exceeds pre-pandemic levels. If this spending rate continues, simulation games could have their most profitable year in 2023.

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During the pandemic, the mobile gaming industry made much money – a record of $4.9 billion in 2021 alone. However, the industry’s revenue dropped in 2022 for the first time. Experts say this was just a correction and not a reason to worry.

If 2023 doesn’t earn more than 2021 in simulation game earnings, earning over $4.5 billion (which was earned in 2022) will still be good news. Plus, since we have yet to reach the year’s second half, there’s still a chance for 2023 to do even better.

Simulation games make $2.7 billion in revenue
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The US market is important for in-app purchases, as it accounts for 43% of the $2.7 billion earned globally. By contrast, the European market only accounted for 23% up to July 2023.

Tycoon and craft games were the most successful in this genre, earning over $1.3 billion and accounting for 50% of the genre’s revenue. Two top-performing games were Township by Playrix and Family Island by Melsoft.