Apple Search Ads is the perfect tool for attracting users on iOS. Running a profitable Apple Search Ads campaign requires an understanding of the processes and a dashboard. This allows marketers to scale their campaigns more efficiently. addresses these issues. Years of experience working with pioneers and industry leaders such as Zynga, Playtika, Canva, Rappi and others have given the company extensive advertising knowledge and experience. Today, has a track record of successful Apple Search Ads campaigns. The company helps its partners to run profitable campaigns on an extreme scale and maximize profits.

How can SearchAds increase your return on investment (ROI)?

The solution is simple, provides comprehensive information, automation tools and a functional dashboard. Based on MobileAction, artificial intelligence provides unique keyword searches. This allows creators to grow their user base and enable them to engage users with much more value. For example, Hamburg-based gaming company LITE Games increased average playtime by 83% in six months.

In addition to providing insights, automation tools reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Korean app marketing agency Madit has decreased its daily workload significantly after using automation tools.

These automated processes are at the heart of any scalable campaign, significantly when scaling up investments. tools will dramatically reduce the amount of work required for monitoring and optimization. Caret Games doubled installs and cut costs by 22% in less than two months by leveraging’s automation tools.

The dashboard allows customers to combine mobile measurement partner (MMP) data with the Apple Search Ads dashboard, providing a continuous funnel through which customers can track campaigns and make real-time changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. This allows companies to tailor their strategy according to their specific goals while ensuring the highest possible profit.

SplashLearn achieved a 160% increase in downloads by leveraging to enter new markets and emphasized that a comprehensive dashboard is a huge factor in achieving these results.

The value of Apple Search Ads as a user acquisition tool is overgrowing. More and more companies worldwide, from the minor indie developers to the largest multinationals, are looking at Apple Search Ads to solve their user acquisition needs. has a proven track record as an Apple Search Ads partner, delivering real value to app marketing projects through the company’s cutting-edge technology and unrivalled expertise in this ecosystem.