Savvy Games Studios announces its new brand name, Steer Studios. This strategic rebrand marks a significant step in the game development studio’s growth, as it moves to carve its own unique path within the gaming landscape.

Under its new identity, Steer Studios is poised to pursue its future direction and further strengthen its market position. The rebranding decision comes as the studio aims to establish a distinct presence that aligns with its vision, values, and aspiration to deliver world-class games to a global audience.

The evolution of Savvy Games Studios to Steer Studios represents an exciting milestone in its journey. This major step forward will ensure Steer stands as a beacon of innovation, charting new territories within the gaming industry.

Brian Ward, CEO of Savvy Games Group

The name “Steer” embodies the studio’s commitment to exploring uncharted realms and leading the way in creating groundbreaking gaming experiences. With a focus on boldness and energy, Steer Studios seeks to captivate gamers worldwide through immersive gameplay and imaginative storytelling.

Steer Studios is one of the first international games studios in Riyadh. Its team of over 50 staff, almost 30% of whom are women, are creating exciting games for the global gaming community. By forging a distinct identity, the studio aims to contribute to the success of Saudi Arabia’s games sector and the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals.

Steer Studios is driven by the desire to open new possibilities in the gaming world. Our dedicated team are our family and remain at the heart of our success. We will continue to nurture their growth, wellbeing, and creative freedom.

Yannick Theler, CEO of Steer Studios