French publisher Nacon is pleased with the results of its third fiscal quarter. During this period, its game sales amounted to €59 million, 43% more than in the same period a year earlier.

The sales driver was the first-person shooter Robocop: Rogue City from Polish studio Teyon, released in November. The company also noted good sales of Cricket 24 from Australia’s Big Ant Studios.

It is not reported how much the games earned individually. However, the statements indicate that the cumulative sales of the catalog of new games for the quarter amounted to €20.7 million (an increase of 102.2%). The company released five titles between October and December 2023 (both those released under the Nacon label and those released under the Daedalic label are counted).

Robocop: Rogue City

The company’s back catalog brought in another €12.6 million to the publisher’s piggy bank. This amount also increased relative to last year’s figures, but not so significantly – by 42.1%.

Nacon is confident that the fiscal year, which ends for the company on March 31, will end positively. It has every reason to make that assessment.

First, its game sales for the first nine months totaled €129.7 million, up 9.3% from the same period a year earlier, even despite the high-profile failure of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum in May 2023.

Second, it had three games released in January. One of them, the strategy game New Cycle, is being talked about as a hit. Plus, at least five more projects are coming up before the fiscal year’s end, including the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown car simulator.

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