Homa Games, a developer and publisher of mobile games, has rebranded. The studio changed its name to Homa and updated its visuals. The company announced this in a personal blog on its official website.

Side note: The winners of HomaJam vol.5.

The company was founded in 2018 by Daniel Nathan and Olivier Le Bas, and last year the studio raised $65 million in funding. Today, the publisher has expanded the team to 160 from 34 countries, published more than 80 games and reached 1 billion downloads.

Over the past four years, the company has focused on creating top-notch tech products and services to empower developers. The brand created reflects the unique value it offers to developers worldwide.

Olivier Le Bas, Co-founder at Homa

The new colour palette allows the studio to stand out visually in the industry, with a vibrant pink colour that speaks to the «balance of technology and creativity».

The company’s motto is expressed in three phrases: play with the system, improve your chances with creativity, and back up your success with data. This policy increases the effectiveness of developers many times over.

The idea of data-driven creativity is expressed in the new design with symmetrical grids, which bring structure to creativity and represent the creativity of developers.