GameTech Startup Ratic received $5.27 million in investment. The investors were Ince family (Led by Arısan Ince), OXO Finance, and Alpcan Erdogan.

Ratic is currently developing a revolutionary super-app for gamers, as well as a developer kit to make implementing new gaming models easy.

We are thrilled to have the support of such open-minded investors. This funding will allow us to bring our unique vision for the gaming industry to fruition. The funds raised in this round will be used to expand the company’s technical team and continue the development of the Ratic Launcher and Ratic Kit. We are grateful for the support of our team, advisors, partners, and investors in making this happen.

Ali Dursun, CEO at Ratic

About Ratic

Ratic is a gaming technology startup that transforms the mobile gaming experience by connecting gamers and game studios to the world of digital finance. Ratic Launcher offers a variety of apps to make it easier for gamers to find new games and make money. With Ratic Play, gamers can access a wide range of games in the company’s ecosystem, and with Ratic Store and Ratic Pay they can sell in-game items and instantly spend the money they earn.

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The company also makes it easy for game studios to integrate new game models and monetization strategies into their games through a dashboard and SDK, helping them maximize their revenue.

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