The mobile racing arcade game Race Master 3D is a hyper-casual hit from the Czech company Beresnev Games. The studio shared the good news of crossing the threshold of 100 million downloads since its release in August 2021. The game was developed by a team of eight people in 4.5 months.

Race Master 3D is a colorful and exciting racing game with a huge selection of cars and racing tracks.

The game has 33 exciting levels with unique obstacle courses and bosses. Race Master 3D gameplay is all about dodging obstacles. As with all hyper-casual games, the main monetization tool is advertising.

According to AppMagic, the game received 8 million installs in its first month of release. Since then, the monthly figures of Race Master 3D, only grew. The game topped the top 10 hyper-casual games of the fourth quarter of 2021!

Race Master 3D is not Beresnev Games’ first success. In 2017, the team released Flippy Knife, whose user base now reaches 50 million.

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