On 27 January, the military strategy game R-Planet out on mobile devices and is now in open alpha. Players can now register and be among the first to take part in testing the game, as well as make suggestions for changes to the final product.

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R-Planet is a distant realm of hostile lands, drifting through space with its tiny satellite. The planet has become a sought-after home for many creatures due to its abundant deposits of four invaluable minerals that can be used to make various materials and useful items.

An important feature of the game is the direct link to blockchain elements. Single-use NFTs are available in the game, which, when used, give the player in-game resources as compensation. But that’s not the most interesting part: NFTs can be withdrawn from the game at any time, and in general, you can dispose of them as you see fit.

Your first responsibility is to figure out the best techniques for using looted resources and workers to expand your base as far as you can while defending your shield. Expand your base network, take over other players’ bases or create new ones to become more resistant to threats and versatile in attack planning.

A total of 3 playable character casts are available in the game:

  • Warriors
  • Renegades
  • Inspirers

Each has its own particular characteristics and advantages, which are revealed in their full essence as the game progresses.

Now that the web3 game R-Planet is out on mobile devices, you can join forces with your friends in alliances and take part in an open test of the game. Win amazing rewards that you can sell or save for use on the game server.