Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff, talked about best practices for monetizing apps with in-game advertising and approaches to integration in this article.

Although advertising is still widely used in the mobile market segment, Badalamenti says in-game advertising is being used more often than expected in forecasts.

In-game advertising, for app developers, is a way to increase reach, engagement and retention. In addition, advertising complements other types of monetization strategies. For example, offering reward videos to users who don’t pay money generates additional revenue from purchases (IAP).

Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff

Badalamenti talked about the different forms of partnerships publishers use to optimize monetization: direct deals with companies, ad networks or advertising funnels and in-app bidding.

These models reduce SDK, increase efficiency, generate more revenue and improve the user experience. The industry is growing and evolving rapidly, making it difficult for new publishers to navigate the monetization landscape. Over the past two decades, we’ve seen innovations that strengthen advertiser-publisher partnerships in mobile advertising.

Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff

Publishers must consider three things before incorporating in-game advertising into an app monetization strategy: the audience, expectations for ad revenue, and the resources a company devotes to monetization.

After considering the above issues, the next step for developers is to choose advertising monetization partners. The right partners will offer the best technology for scaling monetization and provide other resources and additional guidance to ensure that the studio uses market-leading technology.

Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff

When choosing partners, you need to carefully examine each SDK ad network’s offerings: geographic coverage, ad unit specialization, products, tools, and how it fits with the studio’s portfolio.

I recommend working with 2-6 mobile ad SDKs. That way, publishers will find the right balance of efficiency at the expense of competition.

Anna Badalamenti, senior development manager at Liftoff

Side note: According to IronSource, Generation X makes more in-app purchases.