According to Liftoff’s data, playable ads is the most profitable advertising format of mobile games available, based on CPI.

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The average price across the ads market is $1.31, while the most expensive is full screen ads with an average CPI of $11.29, which is 7.5 times higher than playable ads. Next are banners with an average cost of $5.48 and native ads with a CPI of $4.93.

According to Litloff, these figures are not surprising because playable ads give the user a partial taste of the game’s gameplay in a short advertising period, thus letting him know whether the game is interesting or not.

the most profitable advertising format

As far as gaming platforms are concerned, the numbers differ too. IOS requires a much higher financial investment than Android. For example, playable ads on the Cupertino’s platform are 745% higher than on Android, at $6.17 versus $0.73. The other types of mobile game advertising are similarly and quite expectedly just as much varied.

The report also notes the importance of variety in ads, with players particularly attracted to those that demonstrate the mechanics of levelling up or customising the game itself.