ObtainAds, a service committed to extending the lifespan of successful mobile ad creatives, has partnered with Tenjin, an all-in-one growth analytics suite, to present the ‘Ad Creative Evolution: Variations That Win’ report. The report consists of two parts. The first part features an analysis by the Tenjin team, who have examined mobile gaming data for 2022 and 2023, unveiling important metrics trends. 

Below are some of  the key changes Tenjin observed between the two years:

  • Ad impressions increased by 17%
  • Ad clicks decreased by 7%
  • Average CTR decreased by 3%

In the second section, ObtainAds explores diverse creative variations that not only extend the lifespan of ads, but also enhance their performance in 2024. These insights are drawn from the success stories of mobile market leaders. For instance, modifying ad creatives using Event and Holiday Styling can increase unique views to 1M-10M.

Now that we all have AI tools at our disposal, it’s easier to produce more creatives in bulk. However, the main problem remains: how can we produce creatives that convert in bulk? Interestingly, nothing changes in that department. The studios that can figure that out will stand out from the rest.

Roman Garbar, Marketing Director, Tenjin

Get the full report here: Ad Creative Evolution: Variations That Win