Developer njoyKidz has raised $525,000 in an investment round, after which the company’s valuation rose to $5 million. Istanbul-based investment firm WePlay Ventures led the round.

njoyKidz was founded in October 2021. The company develops advertising-free educational games for children ages 2 to 9 focusing on cognitive development in five categories: memory, creativity, problem-solving, socialization and attention. These five categories are divided into 18 subcategories.

The platform also includes a parent dashboard that allows you to view statistics and analytics on children’s play activities and compare results with other users in the appropriate age categories.

Useful fun

The reason why njoyKidz develops children’s games is because the time that today’s children spend with mobile devices has become an integral part of life. Thus, the company wants that time to be beneficial.

Utku Bozkurt, founder of njoyKidz

The developer hopes to reach millions of children and create 75 games in one year.

Investor participation will help move us toward our goal. Long-term plans are to reach kids and families all over the world, and develop collaborative models with platforms such as Netflix, BluTV, Amazon+, Disney+, Nintendo.

Utku Bozkurt, founder of njoyKidz

The company’s games don’t have licensed characters today, but the investment round will help achieve long-term goals and take advantage of the target audience’s enthusiasm for mobile devices.

While educational games aren’t new to the industry, the company aims to become the largest publisher in the field.

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