At one of the conferences, Mark Venturelli, CEO and Creative Director of Rogue Snail, changed his lecture about game design at the last moment and started talking about the harm of NFT in games, infuriating the cryptosponsors.

Over the past two years, NFTs have become a crypto trend and successfully hold these positions. Since 2021, the hype has risen for pictures with ownership, sold for millions of dollars, and NFTs have started entering games and metaverses over time.

But the popularity has also faced criticism from players and developers. Recently, a gamedev festival was held in Brazil, where developer Marc Venturelli was supposed to lecture on “The Future of Game Design”, but after just a couple of seconds, he changed its name to “Why NFT is a nightmare”.

In his lecture, the developer criticizes NFTs in games and their implementation. This infuriated the event’s sponsors since most were crypto companies and clearly did not expect this turn of events.

Venturelli himself believes that by introducing NFT into games and metaverses, companies simply buy attention but do not play an essential role in the industry.

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