Netflix is opening a new game studio in Helsinki, Finland. The studio director will be Marko Lastikka, who has worked at Zynga and Electronic Arts. This is a step toward creating a world-class game studio for developing games «without advertising and in-game purchases».

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Helsinki is home to some of the best gaming talents in the world. This will be the company’s second game studio in that city.

Amir Rahimi, VP of Game Studios at Netflix

The company calls the decision the next step in realizing its vision of creating a world-class game studio that will offer diverse and engaging games without advertising or in-game purchases.

This is the first studio to be created from scratch. The company previously acquired Next Games along with Stranger Things: Puzzle tales, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, Night School Studios with Oxenfree, Afterparty and Boss Fight Entertainment along with Dungeon Boss and myVEGAS Bingo.

This is just the beginning, and a lot of work must be done to provide a great gaming experience. Creating a game can take years, so I’m proud to see the company confidently building the foundation of the gaming direction.

Amir Rahimi, VP of Game Studios at Netflix

Netflix has not yet announced what the studio’s first game will be.