NetEase has launched Spliced Inc, a studio that will focus on game development. It will include experienced developers who once worked on GTA and Call of Duty.

A side note: NetEase is severing its relationship with Blizzard

The Chinese giant NetEase is confident that the new opening will help it build the future of gaming with its community, adding that some staff have already been hired and will soon begin developing its first game.

In addition to experienced game developers, the team has also recruited technology experts, some of whom have previously worked at Google, Twitch and Amazon.

Regular in-person meetups in the USA and UK ensure that we communicate and synchronize effectively, while our global footprint allows us to recruit accomplished people from all over the world—resulting in a top class team to ensure the best end product. We are leveraging our past experience to build the best environment for our colleagues. We have seen what works and what doesn’t, both for people and for games, and are actively building a best of both worlds formula for success.

An official statement on the Spliced Inc. website.

Netease claims that Spliced will avoid problems by focusing on a realistic scope and timeline, and emphasising the need for a work-life balance that promotes ‘harmony’ for all team members.

Spliced is currently working on an innovative new project, although actual details regarding it are not available.

NetEase has launched Spliced Inc.