Comprehensive list of the most sought-after mobile games for the month of August in the year 2023. This list is based on Sensor Tower’s latest report, which takes into account both the revenue generated and the number of downloads obtained by each game.

Revenue of mobile games in August 2023

  • Honor of Kings is the revenue leader for August 2023. The game earned $238 million across two platforms. 
  • Second place goes to PUBG Mobile with $140 million (including Game for Peace). 50% of that amount came from Chinese iOS. The U.S. market accounted for 10.4% of revenue; the Indian market, 7.1%. 
  • Third place went to Honkai: Star Rail. 41.1% of all revenue came from China (iOS); 25.1% from Japan; 11.9% from the US. 
  • Users spent $6.59 billion on mobile games in August 2023 – the same amount spent in August 2022. 
  • The U.S. is the largest mobile market by revenue ($1.9 billion – 28.5% of global revenue). China accounts for 20% (iOS only); Japan accounts for 17.1%. 

Mobile games downloads in August 2023 

  • Garena Free Fire is the most downloaded game of August, it has 22 million installs. India generated 31.4% of that number. Vietnam, 8.9%; Brazil, 8.6%. 
  • Subway Surfers continues to aggressively gain audience, with the game being downloaded 19 million times in August. India accounted for 19.4% of downloads; Brazil, 9.4%; and the U.S., 6.7%. 
  • Total downloads in August 2023 were down 2% on last year to 4.54 billion installs. 
  • India is the leader in downloads (778 million – 17.1% of the total). Brazil has 8.7%; the U.S. has 7.9%.