Two months have passed since the launch of Monster Squad Rush by TapNation. During this period, the game reached the 10 million download mark. The publisher announced this on its official Linkedin profile.

TapNation was founded in 2019. In that time, the studio has released many hits:

About Monster Squad Rush

Monster Squad Rush is a hyper-casual ranger with fighting game elements: the player overcomes obstacles on the route and meets the enemies he will fight at the end of the race. The gamer chooses a partner monster, which collects throughout the game, and whose parameters improve for in-game currency. Combining the monsters in a team player fights with strong opponents and gets more prizes for the victory.

Today Monster Squad Rush is in 72nd place in the top AppStore in the «adventure» genre. Thanks to a well-planned advertising campaign and a timely response to changing in-game metrics, TapNation is well on its way to creating a hit that everyone plays.

Side note: Tippy Toe has surpassed 15 million downloads.