MondayOFF raised about $5 million in a funding round with Atinum Investment, Timefolio Asset Management, Korea Investment Partners, Devsisters Ventures, and KONA Venture Partners.

MondayOFF is a gaming company founded in 2018. Since its founding, MondayOFF has grown by an average of more than three times annually, including installations, monthly active users, and sales.

MondayOFF is a globally popular publisher from South Korea that specializes in hyper-casual games.

Series A is usually the first significant round of venture capital financing. The name reflects the exchange of preferred stock for investment funds. The capital raised is spent on revenue growth and profit generation, expansion and financing. Series A investments are required for early development and growth.

The “A” series is traditionally an important stage of startup financing. A typical round in this series raises funds of $2 million to $10 million for a 10-30 percent stake in the company.

The company plans to invest in content to help the hyper-casual community and grow as a publisher.

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