MondayOFF announces its first hyper-casual game competition. Guys are collaborating with lots of studios based on Flexible KPIs. Now it’s your turn to publish with them!

MondayOFF opened the submission on June 27. You already have an opportunity to submit your game. The best part is – you can submit more than just one game! The more games you submit, the higher the chances of winning amazing prizes!

So what’s on the calendar:
June 27 – Submission Open/Opening Ceremony
July 29 – Last Day of Submission
August 5 – Test period
August 8 – Closing Ceremony

Leading question – what are the prizes?

1st Place winner will receive $1,000,000! Pretty exciting, isn’t it?
2nd Place will receive $300,000.
3rd Place will receive $100,000.

But that’s not all! There are also Bonus Prizes in the form of $5,000 for each nomination: Best CPI, Best Ret, and Best Playtime.

You can check your score for each category at the contest website to see how much you can make on top of your 50:50 Rev Share publishing contract.

What are you waiting for? Submit your game now and become a part of history!

Visit MondayOFF’s website to submit your games, check your score and see more info.

Join the MondayOFF Discord Server to have more information about the event and be part of a great community.

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