The Mobile Games Index 2023 report by Adjoe and Statista offers invaluable genre-specific insights, average daily app usage statistics, and revenue & download forecasts.

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Asia is again ahead of the rest of the market. Last year users from there spent around 19 minutes per day, followed by Europe, which spent 1 minute less (18.1 minutes on average) and Africa in third place with 17.3 average minutes spent per day. On the other hand, the Americas spent the least time on the app, 16 minutes.

With all this, the average time spent fell by 20% worldwide.

Mobile Games Index

The situation with downloads is also interesting: in 2022, users downloaded various games and apps 119 billion times. And, most importantly, this figure will only increase over the years and by 2027 this number is predicted to increase to 175 billion! Actions is the top genre for downloads, making up around 20% of downloads in total.

Downloads per Region in Billions

The report also named the most popular mobile games by genre:

The monetisation of all sorts of apps should not be forgotten: in 2022, the mobile gaming market earned $215 billion, an increase of 12.2% over the previous year. The part of this revenue (67.4%) came from in-app purchases, while 31.7% came from ad revenue. The remainder came from paid apps. Adjoe predicts that the mobile gaming market will reach $352.1 billion in 2027.

Market Growth in Billion US Dollars

RPG was identified as the most profitable genre of 2022, generating a massive $63.23 billion in worldwide revenue – in total, it’s accounted nearly 30% of global market revenue.

Read the full report by Adjoe and Statista here.