LoopMe studied the preferences of mobile gamers in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore. As it turns out, mobile gamers focus only on the game and nothing else while playing.

Key findings showed that 62% of consumers play games on their mobile devices, with 76% playing up to 1 hour a day and 15% playing more than 5 hours a day.

Side note: Global mobile gaming market results for 2022

According to Insider Intelligence, time spent on mobile games is 50% more than time spent on social apps, but brands’ spending on social apps is 7 times higher than mobile gaming ad revenue projected for 2024, creating a huge opportunity for consumer outreach growth.

As mobile games continue to grow in popularity and they deliver the reach, engagement, and results that marketers are looking for in a brand-safe environment, we see mobile in-app games becoming an intentional and increasingly important part of the mix in 2023, along with CTV and social. LoopMe is proud to be a leader in the in-app mobile gaming category, helping to connect brands and apps so advertisers can capitalize on this huge market opportunity, appeal to a highly engaged market segment and draw attention to new opportunities that exist in this ecosystem.

Rachel Conforti, SVP of Marketing at LoopMe
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Mobile gamers in numbers

Among other things, 65% of mobile gamers play games more than twice a day on their mobile device (31% play more than five times a day), and 57% of consumers who play games on their mobile devices do so in their free time.

About 20% of consumers said they are completely focused on the gameplay and do no other activities while playing. This figure rises to 38% for gamers who play while listening to music but not doing anything else.

43% of consumers said they watch TV while playing, which could be considered a good addition to any TV strategy game.

LoopMe also expects demand for gamification or video ads with rewards to increase intention and favorability to rise. The company’s research found that the effectiveness of in-app mobile game optimization relative to brand lift is 2-4 times higher than other industry norms.

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