Mino Games raises $15 million investments to create Web3 game Dimentionals.

Standard Crypto, Boost VC, Collab Currency, Earl Grey Capital and several other companies led this round of investment.

A side note: Intella X platform raised $12 million in investment

The studio has previously raised $25 million investments from other funds. All funds raised will go towards accelerating the development and release of the new Dimensionals franchise as the next big contributor to Web3 games.

Every game we’ve made is built around its compelling, collectible characters. We will use this funding to double down on our core mission of becoming the next name in gaming through a multi-platform, multi-channel approach. Web3 allows us to work directly with our community to develop new gaming experiences that we didn’t think possible just a few years ago. We’ve spared no expense in creating this ambitious franchise, and we think the fast-growing Web3 gaming community will love it. Expect Dimensionals to take everything we’ve done up a notch.

Sascha McKinnon, co-founder of Mino Games

Previously, the studio found success with Mino Monsters, Cat Game and Dog Game. Now, however, developers are having to experiment with moving to Web3 because margins have shrunk, which brings a number of difficulties for studios working with free-to-play games. The advantage of Web3 in this case, apart from creating another community where the game gets support upfront, is that it doesn’t have to go through centralised distribution. Mino Games can bypass the big platforms and their fees, which in turn will direct revenue directly to developers.

Mino Games