Developer Million on Mars has secured $3.5 million to develop its blockchain-based space simulator.

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The key concept assumes that SpaceX or another space company delivers rockets and the price of travel to the solar system goes down. What would you bring to Mars? What would you do with the settlement?

Eric Bethke, co-founder of Million on Mars

According to Bethke, the game has 14,000 daily active users. And while that figure alone is not as huge as many other projects, it is a “pure” figure, meaning that it is exclusively real players, no bots.

Founded in 2020 in Austin, Million on Mars wants to shows, how a blockchain game launch can be the most successful venture possible, created with care by a team of veteran game creators. Unlike many Web3 game companies that raise money long before they make a game, Million on Mars has been working with crafting and trading for over six months, with parts of the game set to go live in late 2021.

Million on Mars has secured