Microsoft plans to open an XBOX mobile shop as early as 2024, if the authorities do approve the purchase by Activision.

A side note: Activision Blizzard pays 35 million to settle wrongdoing investigation

If it does happen, then its own shop will enable Microsoft to compete with the AppStore and Google Play. The company itself started actively building its own marketplace as early as last autumn.

Microsoft plans to open

We want to be able to offer Xbox and content from both us and our third-party partners on any device where someone would like to play. We can’t do that on mobile devices today, but we want to build a world that we think will come to where those devices are open.

Phil Spencer, chief executive of Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft is going to attract users with games from Activision Blizzard. Its Call of Duty: Mobile, Diablo Immortal and Candy Crush Saga will be important in the market.