Unlike mobile, tracking metrics of free-to-play games on Steam is almost impossible. However, gaming expert Simon Carless has attempted to do just that. He analyzed games on Steam released on the site over the past 12 months.

The analysis does not include Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, because its performance is difficult to separate from that of the paid Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Carless cautioned that this is an experiment and the data for the games is incomplete.

Key figures of free-to-play games on Steam

  • The top 5 games by users are Overwatch 2 (6.3 million), Combat Master: Season 1 (3.1 million), Farlight 84 (2.6 million), Project: Playtime (2.1 million) and Stalcraft (1.8 million).
  • The top 5 games by revenue are Summoners War: Chronicles ($24.4 million), Marvel Snap ($19.3 million), Tower of Fantasy ($17.5 million), Undecember ($15.2 million) and Torchlight: Infinite ($11.5 million).
  • The median number of players in the titles is 763 thousand. Important: we are talking about players, not those who added the game to the library and did not launch it.
  • Median revenue of games – $1.82 million.
  • Median RPP (revenue per player) of games – $2.02.
  • Most of the highest-grossing games have the lion’s share of users from Asia.
  • Most of the highest-grossing games have mobile versions that significantly outperform them in terms of revenue.

To see the top 30 latest free-to-play games on Steam, filtered by revenue and number of players, please follow this link