Beijing publisher ZlongGames and subsidiary developer BlackJack Studio have decided to stop using Square Enix’s Front Mission IP as part of the game’s signature style. The game has recently been renamed Mecharashi (钢岚) and a closed beta test is now taking place in China. Users are massively sharing gameplay footage on YouTube and the subsequent global launch is just around the corner.


Developer BlackJack Studio is the team behind the highly successful Langrisser Mobile. In the game, various mecha-units are assigned to unique human pilots. Mecharashi will be available on PC, Android and iOS.

About Mecharashi

The game is a sci-fi strategy role-playing game set in the not-too-distant future. Players take on the role of the commander of Cheeta Logistics, a group of mercenaries armed with giant robots, in a world filled with conflict. In the game, you can customize your mechs using different colors and weapon combinations, and then engage them in turn-based strategy combat.

Mechs can be piloted by specific characters and have unique roles and specializations, making them ideal with specific weapons and tactics.