Playrix is seeing a mass layoff today. The gaming industry has shown rapid growth during the pandemic, but the crisis has also touched the giants of the industry.

The problematic situation in the market forced the companies to play a double game: not telling the employees about the present state of affairs. Today the mobile studio Playrix is ready to join the list of such companies. The management is already laying off staff en masse, using psychological pressure and manipulation.

The cuts affect top employees, such as team leaders and department heads, and line staff, such as artists, designers, and programmers.

Communication on layoffs is forbidden in the company, which is strictly monitored. To not compensate employees, the studio forces them to sign resignation documents of their own free will or by mutual agreement of the parties. If the employee refuses to sign the documents, the next stage of pressure follows intimidation of the absence of wages.

Playrix is a mobile game development studio. The company had the second highest revenue in the mobile games segment at the end of 2021. But even that success hasn’t prevented sudden employee layoffs.

The company is still holding the profit level bar and there is no question of a shortage of funds. Today, the studio is conducting an audit of employee performance. Playrix only works with professionals, which helps speed up development processes.

Igor Bukhman, co-owner of Playrix

The reason for the decrease in income of the company was not the employees but the market’s peculiarities. But when you analyze the actions of the company’s management, it seems that the studio workers have to pay.

Side note: In the first half of 2022, revenues of most mobile genres declined.