Marvel Snap has been a hit for Second Dinner studio and publisher Nuverse. According to data from analytics service AppMagic, the game’s mobile version has earned $100.89 million since its release in October 2022.

The top markets for the mobile game were the U.S. ($62.1 million), South Korea ($4 million), and Canada ($3.37 million).

Marvel Snap is the highest-grossing mobile KKI in 2023. According to AppMagic, it generated $73 million in IAP revenue from January 1 through August 29. Along with Marvel Snap, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel ($33.4 million), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links ($21.8 million), Magic: The Gathering Arena ($19.6 million), and Hearthstone ($18.6 million) round out the top five mobile KKIs this year.

Marvel Snap is available on PC, among others. On August 22, the game was released from early access on Steam and has received 82% positive reviews. Its peak online on Valve’s platform was 18,967 people.