According to Sensor Tower, MapleStory M by Nexon earned $55 million in 35 days after launching in China. The game’s total revenue since its release in October 2016 is $600 million.

  • Currently, South Korea accounts for 37.7% of the revenue; 13.6% in the US; 13.5% in Taiwan; and 9.5% in Japan. China’s share has already reached 9.1%.
  • But if we measure from the moment of release in China, the country’s share of revenue is 87.9%.
  • MapleStory M achieved the second-highest revenue among all MMORPGs in August 2023.

Success Factors of MapleStory M

  • The MapleStory brand has been well-known in China since the original online game was released in 2004.
  • Working with local publishers on proper localization and local events.
  • Operating. Almost immediately after its release in China, the game received a major update that increased daily revenue by 29%. The developers also launched a special event in the first month that raised revenue by 30%.