Game developer platform Ludo AI has launched a mobile site to improve accessibility. Ludo provides tools for developers to research and create game ideas that will now work on mobile devices.

Ludo AI tools include Game Ideator, which allows users to research and draw inspiration for their next project. The Game Elements feature cuts game development time by 50 per cent and creates several elements, such as NPCs and in-game items, in minutes.

Ludo also includes Daily Trends and Top Charts, which provide data on the latest trending games and trends gaining popularity in marketplaces. Blender’s new Top Charts feature combines aspects of ideas with Game Ideator to create new game concepts. Developers work with trends to identify popular trends, themes and genres that resonate with their target audience.

With the update, the platform is now available on mobile devices and developers will have access to all features without being tied to a location. Ludo contains an incredible amount of data and a wide range of tools specifically created to help you get started on your idea.

Ludo AI has seen an 80 percent increase in new subscribers since the launch of its revamped site, which supports mobile devices. Ludo continues to believe in the promise of modern artificial intelligence to empower and support game developers. The launch of a new mobile platform saves developers time and makes game creation more productive

Tom Pigott, Founder and CEO of Ludo

Side note: AI-powered toolkit Ludo for game developers.