UK-based game studio Kwalee introduces AI technology to improve mobile game creation technology. A new programme called Kwalee Artificial Intelligence will allow anyone in the company to suggest ideas for improving productivity or processes during game creation using AI.

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The Kwalee Artificial Intelligence programme rewards each of its employees for using AI-based tools if their use has led to the optimisation of workflow or the fulfilment of the company’s business objectives.

Kwalee introduces AI technology
Draw It was created with AI

Kwalee has long championed innovation in the industry. With the growing popularity of AI tools in 2023, this news marks the first time a gaming company has fully embraced it as part of its core business strategies. The British game publisher first experimented with artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2019 when it made Draw it, its most popular game with more than 115 million installations.

Integrating AI technology into Kwalee’s day-to-day workflows will not only simplify game development and increase player satisfaction, but it will also save the company money and improve profitability. Either way, Kwalee aims to be at the forefront of using artificial intelligence technology to provide its players with a unique experience of totally unconventional games.