Yesterday, January 30th, was a very special day for the developers from Kwalee, as their games managed to break the 1 billion download mark! As a reminder, they have managed to reach the 200 million download mark for all their titles and released 12 new games in 2022.

A side note: Kwalee has summed up the year 2022

Perseverance, constant new developments, testing, and loyal fans all added up to the company reaching its first billion. However, the developers didn’t talk about which games brought in the lion’s share of downloads across platforms.

After that, it is likely that motivated developers will multiply their efforts to release new games, and not just mobile games, as last year they released the shooter Scathe on PC and console. This year we will also be able to expect other hyper-casual mobile games as well as new projects for “big” platforms. And the current achievements of the company only emphasize the desire to expand their influence and release fresh content for the multiplatform market.