Koop raised $5 million to enable communities and creators to raise funds with NFTs. Already $850 million has flowed into Koop projects, and it is launching its public efforts today.

Koop enables any creator, collector, or community to organize and fundraise through NFT art or collector passes. Funds from collector passes form each community’s treasury (or bank) to back their projects and missions on chain. Communities can then directly manage their treasury, leverage the unique skills of their members, and govern their organization in a fun and social way.

1confirmation and Variant Fund led the round, with participation from Palm Tree Crew, Day One Ventures, Ethereal Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Volt Capital, PearVC, DCF God, 0xmons, Cooper Turley, Balaji Srinivasan (ex-Coinbase CTO and a16z GP), and Liu Jiang (ex-Sequoia partner).

Koop turns consumers into creators

In just two months of private beta, the project’s communities have generated $850 million in volume. That means people have poured that much money into different Koop projects.

The goal is to empower passive consumers to become active contributors. The software leverages NFT collector passes to fund projects, gain ownership and generate wealth together. Whether creators are launching a venture fund, producing a media arm or starting the next big clothing brand, Koop’s software standardizes how a community runs, monetizes, and grows in a Web3 world.

The project currently has 50 active communities, with 8,500 on the waitlist, and sign-ups are growing four-fold weekly.

Side note: Sprocket Games raises $5 million in investment.