In 2021, revenues from the gaming industry in Turkey crossed a significant milestone. According to Gaming in Turkey, Turkey’s share of the gaming industry grew to $1.2 billion in its latest report.

Mobile games have been the mainstay of this growth. The market grew 27% to $620 million. The PC gaming segment also performed well, rising from $230 million in 2020 to $300 million in 2021.

Side note: Turkish game developers attract billions of dollars in funding

In 2019, that figure dropped to $830 million. It’s inaccurate to call it a regression because the money we usually spend in Turkish lira per capita has increased. But because the dollar exchange rate has also risen, this figure seems to have decreased when calculated in dollar terms. In 2020, total income rose to $880 million. In 2021, that figure rose to $1.23 billion.

Ozan Aydemir, CEO of Gaming in Turkey

Game development has proven to be one of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in Turkey. This industry accounts for the majority of IT investment deals in the region.

According to the report, game studios accounted for most investments. Twenty-two of the 48 game companies that received money develops or publish hyper-casual games.

  • There are more than 2,636 Turkish publishers on Google Play
  • 52% of mobile gamers are male, 48% are female
  • 78% of adults in Turkey play mobile games
  • 47% of gamers play 2-3 times a day
  • 46% of gamers play weekly for 10 hours or more
  • The favorite game genre of mobile gamers in Turkey are puzzles, quizzes, and word games

The full report is over 200 pages long and can be found at:

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