Polygon has teamed up with the South Korean online game publisher Neowiz and together curated the Intella X platform.

Intella X is a new blockchain gaming platform that allows Neowiz Corporation to bring its video game IPs to the Web3. Intella X produces and uses its native IX Token, which users can stake or provide liquidity in the DEX to earn a yield. The IX token can be earned by playing the games on the platform.

At launch, Intella X features two social casino games: House of Poker and House of Slots. Both games are expected to launch this year. Other games in the pipeline coming, later on, are Alliance of Valiant Arms, Crypto Golf Impact, and Brave Nine. Two new blockchain games from Neowiz’ IP “Cats & Soup” are launching in 2023, including the PFP NFT project Early Retired Cats Club.

Intella X is built on top of the Polygon Network. There are plans to expand the platform to other networks in the future.

Neowiz has proven itself an incredibly ambitious and talented team, and we’re delighted to be working alongside them to put a web3 spin on their much-loved roster of games. With an impressive lineup of new mobile games and existing IP coming in the next few months, we know gamers will find genuine utility, value, and entertainment in Intella X.

Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt

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